How to take care of an umbrella

● Do not fold the umbrella with water after using it in rainy days. You should open the umbrella, dry the pole and surface of the umbrella with a soft cloth, hang it upside down in the ventilated place to dry, and then close the umbrella and put it away.

● Before opening a clear umbrella, you should loosen the surface of the umbrella, straighten the umbrella bone, and then slowly open it to prevent the fracture of the umbrella bone. For ordinary umbrellas should be as far as possible to avoid the use of strong wind, so as not to fold back to the umbrella bone.

● Do not use the umbrella to pick things, do not use the umbrella as a walking stick, to prevent the umbrella deformation. Nylon umbrella should prevent soot, Mars splash, so as not to burn broken umbrella surface.

● Do not hang the umbrella on the alkaline lime wall, can prevent the surface of the umbrella brittle. When the umbrella is not in use, it is best to put it in the umbrella cover to prevent dust from sticking.